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Production of Covers

We have the principle of producing every material or every tool we use professionally and made by one person because of the high-quality standards we have. We also show how professional we are as well as our artistic style by producing every material by ourselves and highlight our quality standards in our only work- producing mattresses. We do not use different materials from other manufacturers and do not include any type of brokerage companies. We produce our materials and serve the best quality for you. With our strong and unchanged principles, our products as a result of hardwork and effort remain the same quality every time. We also work hard for the pillowcase and mattress cover production and be sure of using the latest technology.

By using the latest technology, we reduce the error rate at the lower levels. No matter all the hardwork, experience and care, we control our products one more time to reach you the best quality and make our products even more valuable.



Production of Fabrics

It is a tradition to produce qualified fabrics in our company and we continue that tradition today. Our fabrics are always made with years of experience, complex production ways and qualified raw materials for our customers that choose us.

Our products will amaze you by how light and better insolation compared to other fabrics. We take every precaution for our knitted fabrics to be long-lasting. Fabric production from the raw material as the yarn is made by our masters, and then used in our only work- production of mattresses and pillows.

The different features depending on their seasons and comfort show the quality of our products.



Production of Mattresses

Our company that is one of the leading names of the new steps of pillow production technology, works hard to make the best quality products for the comfort you look for. We become sure by controlling the materials and their quality before production. The filling and fabric that is used for the pillows are decided by our experts and then the production process begins meticulously.

You can be sure that all of our products are tested in case of the main causes of wear like washing and long-lasting usage before selling. All of the pillows are unworn despite of all the tests and start their journey to represent our brand. After that, our products that passed every test and control for you to use for years, are sent to the areas considering their shelf life.

All of our products are made carefully with the years of experience, knowledge and art together are not subject to any kind of material harmful to health. We are proud of our reputation and customer satisfaction thanks to those principles.




“Quilts” are the best way to reflect Turkish culture and history of embroidery today. Quilting means basically creating patterns. The process involves that various fabrics, which are filled with specific filling materials, are sewn together as two layers by using such materials like fibre. The only thing that makes quilting special is the maker. We can proudly state that our experienced masters within the structure of our company for years reflect the Turkish crafting culture in their precious works in the best way. Surely, just like our every product which is created with both art and crafting; quilts are also made for you aesthetically.

Especially, quilts are today not only used in the production of mattresses and pillows, which are really important for these sectors but also used and favoured in various areas as a material of processing. Made by masters, the tradition is loved in many different areas such as quilted coats, quilted trousers and covering doors with quilts. We, as a company, do our best for having the most fashionable designs of every kind of products by the most talented designers for you. We respectfully work on the material until it is ready to reach you, as every craft has a story.

We continue working innovatively to get our prestigious company in a better place than yesterday. Our company is always in the search for “new” and proud of producing the designs that make a difference. Those designs are made to not only being innovative but also to reflect culture. So that, there are products that have a story of modern art and they are paid attention. Especially in our quilts it can be seen that not the old style is used but we use unique patterns recreated by our experienced designers. The same sewing techniques are used without being spoiled in our company. We seize every opportunity to serve you the best motives that have traces from Anatolia and Middle Asia and you to use them in your home in the best and most comfortable way. Our products are carried carefully not to harm those unique designs and motives and wait for you in our stores.



The mattresses matter, but at the same time, every fabric and ticking under the mattress have own importance. Of course, by the time all those materials get worn. There are protection covers because of being used all the time, washed or other factors. The main factor of wears is being wet.

To prevent the liquid, undersheets are produced and used by many people today. Besides that, undersheet prevents not only liquid but also dust, and other conflicts that cause dirt.

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