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We have been serving with our vision of putting the health at the top, and not to compromise on comfort and quality at the same time in our production journey for many years as a company.We are aware of the effect of our work on health and think of you at every step. We aim to show you how sleeping can be delightful besides having a relaxing and comfortable sleep.

Our mission is to prove everyone that it is possible to have the best quality products at a reasonable price, especially such a sector where the production is exceptionally difficult and highly-priced. We aim for everyone to have a comfortable and deep sleep by maximizing customer satisfaction. We create different perspectives during the production process with our experts. We are loved and appreciated by every customer thanks to our postmodern designs that have been making the difference in our sector for years.

Blending innovation with culture, our company use both technology and modern design techniques at the same for your comfort and health in the production process with the experts. The quality of mattresses and pillows directly affects both your sleep quality but also your social life. Because of that, our company not only works for you to have a good sleep but also for your social life. We want to be sure that you have a better sleep in a shorter time by working for you to improve efficiency with our constant change and development perspective.

Our company, as one of the leaders of the sector, works as a whole and own professionally without any in-between people in every part of the production process. We are always sure that we produce the best for our dearest customers with that principle.

If you have not yet met with us and our products, be ready for a new period of sleeping with the Asya Örme mattress ticking.

We are proud of thinking of your sleep quality and aiming always better for you and we cannot wait to meet with you.

Our products, under the control and permission of the authorities, make your 8-hour long sleep period, which you spend with limited moves to avoid stress and fatigue, more effective for you.

Let us be ready for the new era of sleeping by experiencing Asya Orme mattress ticking that is created with innovation, health, trust and elegance, and start the day happier, open your doors to a brand new sleep period.


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We work for a relaxing and deep sleep.